2021 TREND

JFW TEXTILE VIEW 2021 Autumn/Winter

< True insight and strong will >


As global affairs are turned on their head, triggering a wave of difficult issues worldwide, we find ourselves having to come to terms with an ever-more tense and anxious reality. Even so, we have still yet to question just how we should act. For global comfort all can sense, we must remain in tune with what we should do for the planet, over and above retaining peace alone. Nothing is more important than seizing the actuality, sharing with others and marching onwards towards a positive and beautiful era. All of us as individuals must retain a strong will and strive to unite the world as we have envisioned it. In the words of the famous saying ”The eyes are as eloquent as the tongue.” It is time for key insights alongside determination as we herald the arrival of true transformation, without any pretence.

<Overall colour trends>
A tonal session comprising high-grade palettes. Sophisticated chromatic blending and coloristic power, for that premium feel. A compilation reflecting textural feel and sense.

- Ultimate Beauty -

極みの美 - Ultimate Beauty -

- Borderless Beauty -

破天荒の美 - Borderless Beauty -



- Supernatural Beauty -

精霊の美 - Supernatural Beauty -

- Conventional Beauty -

慣わしの美 - Conventional Beauty -